Mechanical Services

Wilkinson’s Auto Services offers a one-stop-shop for all your mechanical services and repair needs;

Mechanics & Auto Repears Woy Woy & PeninsularNew or late model Log Book Servicing

Having your log book servicing performed by Wilkinsons does not void most Australian dealership warranties. Our qualified staff carry out work according to most manufacturer’s specifications, and use genuine (or appropriate quality parts) to save you significant amounts of money. Remember, should you need warranted faults or repairs fixed for free, then only the dealer can perform this.

Engine Diagnostics and mechanical repairs Woy Woy & PeninsularElectronic Engine Diagnostics

Customers appreciate they are getting the state-of-the-art diagnostics, just like the big boys, but without the hefty serving fees.

Brake Repears Woy Woy PeninsularBrakes,  CV Joints / Drive Shafts

Our senior mechanics are trusted to keep your vehicle in optimum safe condition. Integrity means you won’t be subject to premature replacement of consumables.

Mechanical repairs Woy Woy & PeninsularOil Change, Filters & Lube

Every good mechanic will tell you the importance good lubrication plays in the health and life of your vehicle. Be assured Wilkinsons uses quality brands like Ryco Filters and very high quality lubricants like Elf and Castrol. We also place great importance on using the exact manufacturer specified product for your particular vehicle.

Suspension repairs & CV Joints Woy Woy & PeninsularGeneral repairs to all parts of your vehicle

Why put up with the inconvenience of surrendering your car for longer than you have to? Local convenience and our courtesy shuttle service means we are your first call for any concern with your vehicle.

Mechanical Repairs Woy Woy & PeninsularRadiators and Cooling Systems

Don’t get caught out by a poorly functioning cooling system jeopardising your holiday Call us for a cooling system check-up before you hit the road.

Mechanics & Auto Repears Woy Woy & Peninsular
Exhaust & Mufflers

Extractors, catalytic converters, mufflers and general exhaust repairs, Wilkinsons can handle the lot.

4 Wheel Drive & SVU mechanical repairs Woy Woy & Peninsular4WD – From SUVs to the serious Off-Roader

Wilkinsons are your specialists for suspension modifications, snorkel installations and more.

Suspension repairs & CV Joints Woy Woy & Peninsular

Classic Car Specialists

Long term industry experience means we know how to source hard-to-find parts and get your baby running like clockwork.

Alternators and Starter Motors

Aside from battery issues, your starter motor and alternator are the most likely cause of a hard to start vehicle. Don’t get caught out when you most need to get going have your electrical system checked today.

Automatic Transmission

From Audi to Volvo, Hyundai to Jeep, Wilkinsons are there to look after this valuable component of your motor vehicle and make sure it’s performing optimally.